Google Product Repair

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Google Product Repair

At Marnics, we are specialists in smartphone and tablet repair. We repair a wide range of devices, computers and consoles — this includes Google devices, with a variety of repair services available for Google tablets and Google Pixel smartphones.

Bring your Pixel or Pixel XL to our Thunder Bay repair centre, where we also repair Pixel C and Pixel Slate tablets. Our repairs cover every generation of Google Pixel phone and range from simple Google phone glass repair solutions to more complex internal fixes.

Google Product Glass Repair

Google phone glass repair is amongst our most frequent requests. Customers often damage their Google Pixel phone screens by dropping their devices or having them contact something rough. Screens can also get scratched by keys in pockets or exposure to daily wear and tear.

We can repair your Google Pixel phone, providing replacement screens for all models and makes. Using specialist equipment and the right tools, we can replace the screen like-for-like with a brand new, scratch-free version. We also test the new screen to make sure it is working perfectly and is properly responding to our touch.

At Marnics, Google Pixel screen glass repair is never a problem for us. Whether you have an original Pixel device or the Google Pixel 4, we can repair and replace your glass screen in record time.

If your phone has fallen out of your pocket or been dropped on the floor mid-conversation, a quick screen repair can make it look and work like new.

Google Product Battery and Internal Repair

Google Pixel devices may require more than just a screen repair. Oftentimes, device owners will notice that their battery isn’t charging properly or that it drains much more quickly than it used to. If this is the case, we can provide the right battery repair or replacement for your device.

Other internal repairs might solve problems with internal malfunctioning, audio issues or water damage. That way, you can enjoy your device as if it is brand new again.

Whether you are experiencing problems with your device’s camera not saving your photograph or apps closing on their own, we can also look into an extensive range of Pixel software problems. If the hardware seems to be an issue, let us repair a broken camera or solve any speaker or wireless charging problems.

Trust Our Services

In addition to being specialists that use the best equipment for the job, we earn your peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee on our repairs. We won’t charge you unless we’ve fixed your device and we offer free diagnostics to help you find out exactly what’s wrong with your phone. We also use original parts for our repairs and every repair is made to last.

We are confident in our fast turnaround times and the quality of our work. By offering guarantees and welcoming walk-ins without pre-booked appointments, we’ve also earned the confidence of so many other customers in and around Thunder Bay and nearby.

As well as one-on-one appointments, we also offer walk-in services, where we aim to fix your device as swiftly as possible — no long waits, no confusing answers, just expert service that you’ll love.

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We are proud to be the top choice in Thunder Bay for Google phone glass repair, as well as a wide range of other repairs for Google tablet and smartphone devices. From the quickest repairs to more challenging fixes, we have you covered.

If you need Google Pixel phone or tablet repairs, now is the time to contact your local Marnics repair centre. We’ll be happy to provide free, no-obligation diagnostic tests or book your device in.

For Google phone and tablet repair, or to find out more about Marnics and our services, call us today or fill out our contact form!