Device Repair

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Device Repair

There are many reasons why you may require device repair services in the Thunder Bay area. From a phone jack repair service to fixing cracked screens or damaged charging ports, choosing the experts for the repair of your device is the ideal option. 

At Marnics, we offer high-quality, industry-standard repair services for a wide range of different brands and products including iPhone, Android smartphones, a variety of different tablets from Google and Huawei and much more. We repair both Apple and Windows laptop devices and restore them to perfect working condition. We even repair consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. Our expert in-house repair services are equipped to match just about any requirements or repair need you may have.

Four Great Locations

Are you looking for a local device repair service in Thunder Bay? Marnics has your go-to experts, with four different locations in the city to ensure we’re the local service that’s closest to you. 

Our four locations are at:

  • 910 Memorial Ave
  • Intercity Shopping Center
  • 500 Victoria Ave E
  • 1101 Arthur St W 

Each of our locations offers the same high-quality repair services to ensure your devices are in fully working condition in next to-no-time. Wherever you are in the area, we’re the local service that can repair your device quickly, efficiently and effectively — all at an unbeatable price.

Phone Repair

As a device repair service, the bulk of our work is repairing smartphones and other mobile devices. With modern mobiles more complicated than ever before, it’s no surprise that accidents happen and delicate parts become broken or even worn down over time. We offer a range of different phone repair services at our store locations, including screen repair and replacement, internal repairs, repairs of phone jacks and charging ports and more.

We even provide cell phone motherboard repair services if needed. We provide these services across a range of different brands and models, including iPhone devices from Apple, as well as Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and Huawei P20 models.

Tablet Repair

Alongside our phone repair services, we also offer high-quality repair services for a variety of different tablet models. As with mobiles, the vast majority of repair works we carry out are for screen replacement and repairs, as well as internal and battery repairs or replacements. We accept a range of different tablet models for repairs, with Apple i Pads and Samsung tablets among st the most common options.

Console Repair

Alongside mobile devices, consoles also encounter both internal and external issues that can require repair or examination. As such, when it comes to damaged consoles or those in need of a check-up, choosing a professional service is your best bet. 

We offer internal repair in our four locations for a selection of different modern consoles, including Sony PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo devices.

Other Repair

In addition to our other expert services, our in-house team also provides specialist repair services for a range of technologies and devices — from desktop PC internal repairs through to Sky devices and even screen replacement and interior repairs for TVs. Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive repair services across a range of different products, from different brands. 

If you’re unsure if we are the best fit for your device, you can contact us directly or see our full list of repairs offered in each store online.

New Phone Activation

For customers looking to activate phone plans through Bell Mobility and Lucky Mobile, our four locations offer these services as standard. This solution also provides a convenient service for phone device beyond repair that requires replacement, allowing our customers to access new and refurbished phones at excellent rates. 

As one of the most cost-friendly options in Canada, Lucky Mobile is the ideal choice for many of our customers. We’re proud to offer their services to our customers, thanks to their high standard of customer service and excellent prices.

Excellent Service

When you choose Marnics, you’re choosing a trustworthy brand that puts the satisfaction of our customers above anything else. Our team are friendly, approachable and always happy to help – a level of service you just don’t get when you send your products away for repair instead of using one of our four convenient local branches.

Contact Us

If you live in Thunder Bay and require a quote for repair on your mobile device, tablet, console or any other household electronic, getting in contact with Marnics is the best move you can make. 

To learn more about Marnics or the services we offer, contact us today or fill out our online form to discuss the repair of your product. We’re always happy to help!