Apple Product Repair

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Apple Product Repair

At Marnics, we repair Apple devices to the highest of standards. With professional expertise and the right parts for the job, we can fix any Apple product and leave it looking and working as new.

Based in Thunder Bay, we offer repair solutions for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. This includes small repairs of common problems and issues, as well as larger repairs if your Apple device has experienced extensive damage.

We carry out repairs on some of the latest models. Some of our most common repair requests include iPhone X repair, iPhone X power button repair and iPhone XS screen repair. We also offer repair solutions for older models of Apple devices, including iPad and iPad Mini devices and the popular iPhone 6S.

Apple Product Screen Repair

A cracked iPhone screen is a common issue. In fact, statistics show that up to 25% of Apple users have cracked their iPhone screens at some point in their lives. From sitting down with the phone in a back pocket to watching it fall from an in-car holder when using it for navigation, almost all iPhone users have felt the panic of a potentially damaged screen.

Cracked, smashed and scratched screens are amongst some of the most common problems Apple users encounter. Even with the best protection equipment attached, iPhone and iPad screens can still experience damage if they are dropped or aren’t properly stored.

Whether you’ve accidentally dropped your iPhone whilst sending messages or your screen has been scratched by your car keys inside your bag, it’s worth it to invest in a dependable Apple screen repair. These repairs can prolong the life of your Apple device and can be needed at any time.

We can repair all models of Apple devices. Popular services include our iPhone XS screen repair for glass cracks and iPhone XS screen and scratch repair for smaller amounts of damage. We can also replace the screen on an iPad Air or iPad Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 and lower. The age of your device is not an issue — we cover everything made by Apple!

Our expert Apple iPhone and iPad screen repairs will get your device back to looking new again. For those who own newer iPhone models, a glass finish at the back of the device is just as prone to cracks or scratches as the front. We can also offer quotes for a reasonable iPhone X back glass repair cost, or an iPhone XR cracked back repair cost. We believe glass at the back of your phone should look just as good as the screen!

Apple Product Battery and Internal Repair

For many heavy users, iPhone and iPad batteries start to lose their power long before the device is obsolete. However, you can prolong the life of your Apple device with a battery repair or replacement. That way, you’ll always have power when you need it.

Internal repairs can include hardware and software repairs for Apple devices. Whether your Apple device has an audio issue, needs a camera repair or has come into contact with water, we use quality parts for every iPhone and iPad repair.

We also offer battery and internal repair solutions for a fraction of the cost compared to larger retailers or the Apple Store. We know how expensive Apple devices can be, which is why we offer reasonable repair and replacement rates!

Trust Our Services

Thunder Bay residents can trust us for the best Apple device repairs at the fairest prices. Whether you require a simple fix (such as an iPhone XS screen or scratch repair) or want a quote for a larger fix (such as an iPhone X back glass repair cost), choose Marnics for your Apple device repairs. We’re the trustworthy choice in Thunder Bay, providing excellent customer service and using our specialist Apple expertise.

To give you confidence, we offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs. We also offer a free diagnostics service and we won’t charge you if we can’t fix your device. We’re the top choice for a reason.

As well as one-on-one appointments, we also offer walk-in services, where we aim to fix your device as swiftly as possible — no long waits, no confusing answers, just expert service that you’ll love.

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From a simple iPhone XR cracked back repair to the replacement of internal parts that have been water-damaged, call Marnics for Apple-based repairs. We have established a reputation as the very best Apple phone repair experts Thunder Bay can find. Contact us today to learn more about our services or visit one of our four locations to discuss face-to-face how we can help restore your device to full working quality. We’re always ready and waiting to help our customers, whether the issue is internal or simply replacing a screen.

For Apple phone and tablet repair, or to find out more about Marnics and our services, call us today or fill out our contact form!